Friday, July 13, 2012

Remembering Dewey

A sketch challenge featuring my late kitty "Dewey".  He was abandoned at my boarding facility about 3 years ago.  Eventually I took him into my home because he was so special.  I knew he missed his original family but hardships made it impossible for them to return for him.  I knew they'd loved him so I did my best to give him a loving place for his remaining  years.  He passed in February of 2012 at about 16 years of age.  His passing was difficult for me, as I'd become so close to him in those last years, I suppose from trying so hard to replace his loving family.  This layout was for a sketch challenge at Craft Happens.  The paper I used was a watercolor stack from DCVW.  I liked the resemblance to clouds and the way the blue brings out his gorgeous eyes.  The birds represent him "flying free".

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