Saturday, May 9, 2015

How I made the tabs for my Journal

I was asked about the tabs that connect the pages of the journal I created for Ephemera's Vintage Garden which I posted yesterday HERE.  I did take a couple of photos of what the pages looked like prior to adding paper that I am posting below.  Please note that the example for the tabs as pictured below were created for shorter pages.  It's the same technique, I just used bigger tags for pages and thus created longer connectors for the journal created for Ephemera's Vintage Garden.

I cut strips of craft paper 3 x 5 and scored at 1", 1 1/2", and 2".  

Fold in half and create holes with your Bind-it-All, or similar device.  Secure the outer part where the holes are, being careful not to get glue in the holes.  I ran a thin line of tape with my 1/4" ATG gun, but you could also use a red line tape in 1/4".  A glue stick would also work fine as long as you're neat about it and keep the glue out of the holes.  Do not glue the outer portion, you will spread this open and attach to the tags, or whatever you are using as pages.

Now you will spread apart the outer portion and apply glue.  I recommend a soft type of glue stick so you can wiggle it around and line it up as shown below.  I used a scotch craft stick. 

Make a mark on your tags where you will be placing your tabs so they will all be even.  Slip the tag in between the tabs and wiggle around until it's even and secure. 

The journal contains many flip open pages.  They were assembled before any patterned paper was added as shown.


  1. Awesome! TFS Nancy! Amazing how something so 'drab' turns out so beautiful : )

    1. LOL, I know! Sometimes even I am surprised, despite the fact that I've seen these transformations over and over :)

  2. Thanks so much for the tut, Nancy! I just love how you assemble your little journals. Can't wait to try. xxD